About Palo

​Hello, I am Marco, the Chief Editor here at Palo Recovery. We understand what it is like to go through tough times in life. Whether you are dealing with an addiction or something mental like anxiety or depression, we believe you will be able to find something of value here. 

Over time, we envision being the number 1 resource when it comes to addiction treatment. We also want to partner with a national network of affordable addiction treatment facilities that can get people into treatment in as little as 24 hours!

My Personal Story

I use to be a mid-level advertising executive for a large corporation. I began drinking heavily when the company started to grow rapidly and the demand for my work increased in a very short notice. The stress of meeting deadlines and extended hours at the office made me begin drinking after work in an exaggerated manner.


I was trying to avoid the depression I was feeling as a result of the hectic and stressful work environment. Eventually, the buzz I was getting from alcohol wasn't enough, so I turned to prescription painkillers in order to numb my emotional pain further. It became extremely hard for me to hide my addiction from my family, which eventually resulted in my wife separating from me.

I lost my friends and other family members as they did not want to be in my presence any longer. This was only the beginning of my problems. The lack of a personal life joined forces with my growing addictions, which finally spilled over into my professional life, resulting in me getting fired from my job. Several months came in which I had no one to turn to, no income, and practically no funds at all to pay for my home.

It was then when I realized that I needed to make a change in my life for good. I was literally days away from becoming homeless and had no plan in sight to save myself.  I decided that I needed help, this being the moment when I checked in at a private rehab program with the help of the health insurance that I still had through my wife. Within the first few days of rehab, I realized that I wasn't alone in my suffering with these addictions. Here, I met several other people that were going through the same stuff as me which was very comforting.


Detox sucked, but after the 30 day inpatient program, I finally realized that using drugs and alcohol was something I did to escape from my problems. I am fortunate to have gone through something like that because it taught me a lot about life and most of all about myself!

I know that I will manage to have a full control over the course of my life once again. Today, I do the best I can for the people who find themselves in the same shoes I once walked, trying to show them that there is another path they can choose in life, which is entirely drug and alcohol free. I need to show them that even in a situation where no solution can be seen, things can change, if you accept people's help and choose to regain control over your life.


It is my hope that this blog and the resources we are providing will be of great help to you in your quest to help yourself or a loved one.​ Consistent with A.A.'s tradition of anonymity, the writer uses the pseudonym "Marco Sterling".