80% of People with Eating Disorders Who Seek Treatment Either Recover Completely or Make Significant Progress.

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My Decision To Get Help

Do you ever feel like their is a little voice inside of your head that tells you to purge? or forces you to restrict? It's as if you feel like a piece of shit if you have a small snack?

This was me. Everyday was a battle and I would cycle between binging and purging. I knew if I could stop the bingeing, then the purging would stop. The truth was that I was afraid of all the calories I had consumed, so I purged.

My days always started off really well and I felt so determined to not binge but at night it was a different story. I didn't know how to stop and felt like I couldn't control it, and that it was a habit Ingrained inside of me.

The only way out for me was inpatient treatment. Which was the best decision I have ever made. Treatment saved my life and now I can be there for my family!

Singer Demi Lovato Opens Up To People Magazine About What Eating Disorder Treatment Did For Her Life.

“The harsh reality is that I wouldn’t be alive,” she said. “I wouldn’t have a book or be a judge. I wouldn’t be alive. At one point nobody thought I was going to make it. But here I am, standing here today as a judge. I am here today breathing and have a heartbeat, and that is what I am thankful for.”

“I was called a role model the second I made it in the industry, and I never felt like one,” she said. “I finally feel like a role model, and I am doing the things I am supposed to do in this world. This [book] is one of the small ways I can make a difference – if it changes one person’s life or makes someone happy and changes their energy in their day.” - People, 2016

Don't Let Your Eating Disorder Voice Control You Any Longer. You Shouldn't Have To Miss Out On A Life of FulFillment, Nor Should You Have To Struggle Alone. We Are Here To Help.

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Marco Sterling

I am a former mid-level advertising executive who had the unfortunate experience with drug and alcohol abuse. My experience nearly ruined my life, but in going through that I realized how precious life really is. My aim is to help many people that are going through what I went through and I hope you find the value in the resources provided through this site.