Ibogaine: The Definitive Guide on How This Native African Plant Is Treating Addiction!

Addiction is complex. It’s a multi-faceted condition that’s different for each person that experiences it. And each person that seeks treatment for addiction is going to respond differently depending on the treatment they receive.

There’s no such thing as a “one-size-fits-all” approach to treating addiction. Sure, 12-step programs and traditional rehab facilities might work for some, but they often fall short of providing patients with what they personally need for permanent sobriety.

The good news is, there are alternatives. One such alternative is Ibogaine, a hallucinogenic root that is native to Africa and shows extraordinary results when it comes to treating even the most serious cases of addiction.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a compound extracted from the root of an African shrub known as Tabernanthe Iboga. It’s been used for thousands of years by native tribes of the Gabon and Congo regions in both rites of passage ceremonies and as a powerful spiritual healer. Over the past decade or so, Ibogaine has been receiving more attention because of the potential it shows to treat addiction.

There’s just one catch...

Ibogaine is one of the strongest psychedelic substances known to man, and is illegal in the US. As a Schedule Class I Substance, the DEA has deemed ibogaine as dangerous as drugs like heroin and meth.

What we need to understand is this, the drugs Ibogaine is scheduled with are the very drugs ibogaine has shown to help people beat. And it’s helped countless people do so.

Ibogaine was first discovered to treat addiction quite by accident. Taken by a heroin addict in the 1960s, it was discovered that Ibogaine could completely end the physical withdrawals from heroin addiction. Fast forward over 50 years, and ibogaine is finally becoming recognized by others for the unprecedented potential it contains to help people struggling with addiction.

The past few years have seen a surge in the number of ibogaine centers available to people seeking this alternative form of addiction treatment. Although ibogaine is illegal in the US, there are fewer restrictions in other countries. Mexico, Canada, and Central and South America are all places where ibogaine treatment has been done, with many patients traveling over borders to receive this promising treatment.

As addiction rates spiral out of control, people are seeking alternative options when it comes to treatment. And having the option of ibogaine has shown time and time again to offer the hope so many addicts desperately seek.

How Does Ibogaine Work?

Ibogaine is not your traditional addiction treatment. It’s a powerful psychedelic substance that should be taken only under supervised, professional medical care. With that being said, let’s take a look at how ibogaine works.

Treatment with ibogaine lasts some 36-48 hours. During this time the patient finds deep physical, psychological, and spiritual healing. Ibogaine has shown to completely alleviate all physical withdrawal symptoms, while often providing the patient with new insight that can help them heal psychologically.

Many call Ibogaine a “reset button.” It takes the brain back to its pre-addicted state. Administered when withdrawal symptoms are at their peak, ibogaine begins working within the mind to restore the impairment that’s been done from repeated drug or alcohol abuse.

Should You Consider Ibogaine?

Ibogaine has shown to work very well. But it’s not a miracle treatment. Ibogaine can help you get clean, but it cannot change all of the necessary environmental factors that must change—such as friends, home life, etc.—in order for you to avoid relapse and continue to live a drug free, happy life.

It’s much different than any psychedelic experience many people have gone through. Ibogaine isn’t LSD or psilocybin mushrooms, and shouldn’t be treated as such. While many psychedelics are used recreationally, ibogaine isn’t one of them. It should only be taken with a medical professional in a clinical setting.

Getting help for addiction can be a confusing process, and knowing all the options in front of you before deciding on treatment is always recommended. There are more options than just traditional rehab and AA though, and for many who have been down that road with no success it may be time to look into the alternative options.

Ibogaine is only one option. It is important to find the treatment that works for you or your loved one. The most important thing, in the end, is that you find a treatment that does work for you. Waiting to get clean may only make things harder or put your own health in danger.

About The Author

Aeden Smith

Aeden Smith-Ahearn is the treatment specialist and coordinator for Experience Ibogaine treatment centers. After struggling with heroin addiction for years, Aeden, and his family, put their last hope into Ibogaine treatment. He has been clean ever since and dedicated his life to helping others find strength and freedom through Ibogaine.

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