Writer’s Guidelines

You have made it here! Welcome! We would love to publish a post by you, but first here are a few guidelines for acceptance.

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Post Guidelines

Topics: We welcome interesting topics related to addiction, addiction news, treatment approaches, and unique and holistic approaches. What we don't want is recycled content that has been published already. We suggest going through our current blog posts to get an idea of what works for our audience.

Length: 800-1500 words

Images: Every post submitted must include at least one image with the following dimensions: 1060px. Images must also be free to use and a source included.

Grammar: Must read as if english is the writer's first language. Proper spelling and punctuations are used. 

Style: Must be able to be understood by a 9th grader. Complex subjects need to be broken down in layman's terms.

Sources: Any stats or claims made must be backed up by a trusted source such as published research studies, government articles, or Doctor/Psychiatrist verified information.

Author Requirements

Every author is required to include the following:

Image: 231px

Biography: A short 150 word bio describing who you are and what makes you an expert on the topic that you wrote about.

What's in it for you?

Backlink To Your Site: As a thank you for writing the post, we do allow a dofollow backlink back to your site. You may include this in your author bio as well as 1 contextual link within the article if you wish!

How to Submit

Please email your topic idea to Marco at [email protected] 

If approved, send your completed post to Marco as a word document. Remember to include your author bio, author image, and any images used in the post.